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Cafe Del Mar / Chillout DJ Sets

Book our Ibiza style chill out DJ sets for your pool party, garden party or outdoor wedding.

Book a  Cafe Del Mar / Cafe MAMBO Chillout DJ set for your event.

Our suave modern DJs skillfully blend chill tempos with jazzy undertones, mirroring the vibes of renowned artists like Kinobi, Groove Armada, and Chicane. The essence of this lounge music lies in setting a tranquil backdrop, perfect for guests to sip their drinks or savor their meals, rather than coaxing them onto the dance floor. So, elevate your event with a touch of laid-back sophistication by bringing in a lounge DJ to curate those good vibes throughout the evening.


Looking to elevate your garden party in Oxford, pool party in London, or beach bar in Cornwall?  Our pro DJs spin chillout beats as the sun sets. Our chill out sets are designed to provide a soothing ambiance for guests lounging around. The goal here is to create a laid-back atmosphere where music serves as a pleasant backdrop, not the main event. Let the chill music complement your gathering without overpowering it – because sometimes, the vibe is all about keeping it cool and relaxed.

Cafe Del Mar Style DJs

The Music -  We have over 10 years of experience DJing at a wide range of events both locally and internationality. Performing everything from chillout sets in Ibiza to club sets at clubs around the world, We have bags full of experience DJing and will work alongside you to craft the perfect set for your occasion.

Timing Is Everything - All aspects of our involvement are carefully coordinated to provide a discreet and efficient service. You can rely on our technical team and DJ to arrive and set up at the agreed hours so that everything is ready in plenty of time for the music to begin.

Leave The Rest To Us - We have DJed in Castles in Scotland, at Pacha in Ibiza, for Jamiroquai in Cornwall and for Hedkandi in Brighton. 


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"Everything about last night was just AMAZING! Thank you so so much for DJing for us. We all absolutely loved your music. We couldn't have wished for a better evening!'"
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