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Best Emo Tracks for Your Wedding Disco

At a wedding you want as many people on the dancefloor as possible. Don't exclude your Uncle Dave just because he doesn't know Yellowcard's back catalogue. Check out our all time best emo tracks that everyone will know and will keep your party pumping!

Emo is, notoriously, a tricky thing to define. It spans genres, cultures, and hundreds of songs over 35 years. When putting together this list of the best emo wedding songs, we’ve stuck to a few simple rules: firstly, they’re pretty much all from the 00s. Secondly, if it was associated with emo during that era in any way, it counts, even if it wasn’t intending to be lumped in with everything else. That means some people might categorise some entries as pop punk, post-hardcore, or even indie, but they were also at a time classified as emo, so it counts. Lastly, these are the emo tracks you can let your hair down and dance to. We all love Mayday Parade's 'Miserable At Best' but that just aint gonna work on a dance floor.

If you’re just at this point in the long-building revival dipping your toe into your adolescence, this list will hopefully function as a good starting point

25. Seventy Times Seven - Brand New

This is brandnew. Hands down the best emo band to ever do it... 

24. MakeDamnSure - Taking Back Sunday

If you didn’t angrily blast the chorus of this song while thinking of someone who made your life a living hell, were you even a true emo?

23. Thanks For The Memories - Fall Out Boy

You know damn well that you can’t write any sort of emo list without including Fall Out Boy

22. I Caught Fire - The Used

To this day, this is still a fucking banger. The Used were a band that completely broke the mold

21. Stare At The Sun - Thrice

A post-hardcore track controversially labelled as emo, it has all the helplessness and metaphor of the best.

20. Miss Murder - AFI 

"With just a look they shook / and heavens bowed before him."

Like, hell yeah AFI.

19. Paramore - Thats What You Get

‘That’s What You Get’, from 2007’s ‘Riot‘! is a fun, poppy song that shows Paramore at their high-energy best.

18. Helena - My Chemical Romance

Even an emo kid needs to let go of their feelings and move on at some point...

17. Dear Maria, Count Me In - All Time Low

Yay, getting black-out drunk and suffering! Our favourite pass-times in the mid-to-late 00s. Those Snakebites and VKs sure were delicious.

16. Ohio Is For Lovers - Hawthorne Heights

Man, depression was just better in the 2000s

15. Oceans Avenue - Yellowcard

A very earnest, almost sweet early emo song about teen love and getting out of your hometown

14. Juneau - Funeral For A Friend

One of the best emo tracks you will ever hear. They also did a acoustic version thats perfect for your first / last dance.

13. Dirty Little Secret - The All American Rejects

A vaguely threatening, upbeat song about infidelity that still goes off.

12. I Miss You - Blink 182

If you didn’t stand there with friends yelling “WHERE ARE YOU? AND I’M SO SORRY” in a fake, bad American accent then you haven’t lived.

11. Hands Down - Dashboard Confessional

"My heart is yours to fill or burst, to break or bury, or wear as jewelry. Whichever you prefer"

.....Cheer up emo kid

10. Sugar, We're Going Down - Fall Out Boy

FOB really helped you transition into your emo phase. Those impossible-to-understand lyrics, Pete Wentz's eyeliner, and Patrick Stump's trucker hat: perfection.

9. Beating Heart Baby - Head Automatica

Back when we were DJing alternative nights in Cornwall this was always a winner on the dance floor. “Beating Heart Baby” is an underrated sugar-rush of emo goodness. 

8. Letters To You - Finch

With over 400,000 copies sold, Finch’s 2002 album What It Is To Burn was an undoubted success, and the same goes for the single “Letters to You,” which was one of the best emo songs released that year

7. The Taste Of Ink - The Used

The Used’s 2002 self-titled album is full of contenders, but ‘The Taste of Ink’ wins, purely because its lack of instrumental intro makes it the perfect Myspace song.

6. The Middle - Jimmy Eat World

Sometimes we just needed to hear that everything's gonna be alright. Emo life is hard, innit.

5. Cute Without The E - Taking Back Sunday

The lead single from the bands first album is one of the best emojis songs you will ever hear

4. Misery Business - Paramore

This was your ultimate revenge song and it made you feel totally badass. Also, you strived to have Hayley Williams' hair.

3. Dance, Dance - Fall Out Boy

Even those who weren't emo rocked out hard to this song back in the day. Because let's be honest, it's amazing.

2. I Write Sins Not Tragedies - Panic! At The Disco

"Haven't you people ever heard of closing the goddamn door?!" 

1. Im Not Okay (I Promise) - My Chemical Romance

Its undoubtedly the biggest emo track of all time and guaranteed to get everyone on the dance floor.

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